Humanizing the COVID response2020-11-24T11:15:33-05:00

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Operational Resiliency has been the focal point for business in 2020 but there is also the Human Resource perspective, its impact on your hourly employees. For employees who are active, furloughed or otherwise, COVID has had a devastating effect on hourly workers. It has upended their financial lives, adding even more stress that can impact their quality of work. You may even have staff that have permanently left. So how can you re-board/onboard, retain, motivate, alleviate financial stress, and drive employee engagement all at the same time?

Who is doing it well in 2020?

Join Mike Zorn, former Labor Relations VP at Macy’s and current VP of Workplace Strategy at WorkJam, and Josh Ostrega, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer, as they discuss HR best practices, trends, and customer successes they have been seen locally and globally.

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