On-Demand Webinar: Employee Mobility in Retail: Practical Advice from the Frontline2020-06-23T16:02:31-04:00

Project Description

On-demand webinar

During Axsium’s webinar Employee mobility in retail: Practical advice from the frontline, President, Bob Clements and Mike Zorn, WorkJam Strategist and former Macy’s HR executive for 30 years, have a hands-on discussion of the ways that retailers are using employee mobility tools to engage, communicate with, and manage their frontline employees. Bob and Mike answered burning questions like:

  • How will the use case for mobility tools evolve now, into the summer, and after COVID-19?
  • What are some specific things retailers and other organizations are doing with mobile right now?
  • How do I go about implementing a mobile strategy or further leverage my existing mobility strategy?
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