On-demand webinar – Pandemic rebound for supply chain: restart with realtime communications & training in 5 days2020-07-10T10:29:13-04:00

Project Description

On-demand webinar

On-boarding. Re-boarding. New health and safety procedures. Keeping staff safe at all times. Training and upskilling crews to the “new normal.”

Supply chain management teams are grappling with major challenges on how to adjust to market conditions caused by the COVID pandemic. WorkJam has co-developed a framework with its customers, some of the most recognizable brands, to assist management teams in addressing these challenging questions:

  • How can I quickly adjust staffing levels?
  • How does my business quickly deploy new health & safety policies and procedures that my teams will need to follow when this may vary across regions?
  • As business demands change, how can I bring in trained staff from my furloughed talent pool or from sister locations?
  • How can I ensure the right tasks are being completed by the right workers?
  • How can I be prepared to manage my teams for any future changes that could happen as the pandemic continues into its later stages?

Watch this webinar, hosted by Steven Kramer, CEO of  WorkJam, to learn how supply chains are managing at the front.

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