Surveys & Polls: How to Get Instant Feedback and Actionable Insights from your Frontline?2021-03-05T16:33:05-05:00

Project Description

Data sheet | Module overview: Surveys & Polls

Getting surveys down to your frontlines can be an expensive logistical challenge. How will they access the survey? Are you using paper? Do you send it to their personal email? Or will you provide them with a new email address?

WorkJam’s Surveys & Polls enable you to gather real-time feedback on what’s happening in the field with ease. You can easily create and distribute surveys and polls to your frontline employees because they already have access to the platform with their own unique login.

Head office and managers get real-time, actionable insights to help them drive a value-creating performance management culture that leads to worker empowerment, stronger individual performance, superior employee retention, and better results.

Complete the short form to learn how Surveys & Polls can help you unleash the potential of your workforce.

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