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How we learn at work is similar to how we learned at school: We sit in a classroom setting while a teacher tells us what we need to know. Unlike in school, however, information isn’t being doled out gradually. Instead, employees are expected to understand and process a massive amount of training in one sitting… and then seamlessly apply that training to their work. Most workplace training models do not test whether any of the learning was retained and more importantly, whether that knowledge has resulted in the development or improvement of workplace skills.

Instead of one-size-fits-all training, the style of training that truly engages employees is that which is tailored toward their needs and their career growth. Companies can achieve incredible results by implementing a training model that includes microlearning, active learning, community learning, and FUN. Delivering these trainings on a digital workplace platform makes learning easy and convenient. The right digital workplace platform will elevate training out of its silo, making it an essential, living, breathing component of how employees work – and how they engage with your organization.

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