On-Demand Webinar: How Leading Companies are Managing Frontline Staff Through the Pandemic and Beyond2020-06-05T12:22:55-04:00

Project Description

On-Demand Webinar

Management teams at both essential and non-essential businesses are grappling with major questions about how to manage their frontline staffs as the COVID-19 pandemic runs its course. WorkJam has co-developed a framework with its customers, some of the most recognizable global, large and mid-size companies in the world, to assist management teams in being ready to address these challenging questions:

  • How does my business get furloughed staff back to locations quickly when it’s unclear when restrictions will be lifted and in what regions? 
  • What is the best way to onboard new employees as quickly as possible?
  • How can I rapidly deploy policies and procedures that my business may need to follow to keep frontline employees and customers safe when this may vary across regions?
  • How can I be prepared to manage my frontline staff for any future changes that could happen as the pandemic continues into its later stages? 

Steven Kramer, CEO of WorkJam, a Digital Workplace Solution provider for companies with large non-desk workforces, shows how leading companies are managing their non-desk workforces now while making sure they are prepared for the months ahead. 

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