Why a Digital Workplace for Frontline Employees Can Save You $30M and How to Prove It2020-09-21T10:20:10-04:00

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Digital Workplace software for front-line workers is one of the largest margin improvement and ROI opportunities to come along in years – even during a pandemic – providing outsized productivity and retention improvements while simultaneously improving frontline employee engagement.

But what does the financial business case look like, and how do you build one in order to get the necessary buy-in for your organization to make the investment?

WorkJam commissioned Forrester Research to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI©) study to build a risk-adjusted return on investment model of what an organization using WorkJam’s Digital Workplace for Frontline employees can expect.

Complete the form to watch CMSWire and WorkJam Co-founder/CEO, Steven Kramer, walk through this model, including value drivers, and show you the stunning impact a digital workplace for frontline employees can have on your business in less than 6 months.

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