On-demand webinar – Winter is coming: It’s time to prepare!2020-07-07T13:12:06-04:00

Project Description

On-demand webinar

The first winter post-COVID has some unique problems to solve 

Your business has reopened, you are operating as safely as possible, so customers are returning, and the corona crisis is passing behind you. Right?  

Not quite... Winter Is Coming, and this winter (the first post-COVID winter!) is predicted to present some very unique challenges, specifically a confluence of virus both old (common flu, as per usual) and new (the possible return of COVID given the latest news). There is also the aspect of change & variability of government policies, both local and national. All this will impact schedules hard, as employees call off sick, self-quarantine, or fail their temperature checks as they try to report to work.  And these are just some of the possibilities.   

Resiliency in operations is required. Get there in short order!  

In this webinarWorkJam and REPL show how these issues can be mitigated, and a new, flexible and most importantly robust operating model can be implemented far enough in advance of the impending winter flu season, that you’ll face the winter with confidence and certainty.   

Take a closer look today and view our on-demand webinar.

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