How can C-Stores Build Customer Loyalty and Drive Revenue?2021-03-05T11:23:49-05:00

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How can C-Stores Build Customer Loyalty and Drive Revenue?

C-stores face unique challenges that are getting in the way of building customer loyalty and increasing revenue. Corporate has very limited lines of communication with frontline workers to share product promotions, brand guidelines, and standardized training. 

Store and regional managers need to ensure tasks are completed and corporate regulations are met–but manually tracking everything takes precious time. Frontline employees don’t feel engaged in the company culture, and they lack the flexibility and control to manage their own schedules. 

The WorkJam Digital Workplace benefits all levels of the complex C-store structure, from corporate to frontline employees. With extensive experience working with various C-store organizational models, WorkJam ensures high user adoption rates throughout by providing value and incentives for everyone involved. 

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