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Project Description

WorkJam for Grocery

The grocery landscape is quickly shifting, along with customer and employee expectations. With online competition on the rise, grocery stores need to alter their labor processes —everything from communication to training to customer service.

Corporate requires efficient ways of communicating with all levels of staff and disseminating targeted training. District managers lack the tools to comply with localized union regulations and offer multi-branded store guidelines. Store managers are still manually scheduling employees and scrambling to fill last-minute shifts. Frontline employees lack the ability to control their financial freedom or their schedule.

The WorkJam Digital Workplace can enable grocery stores to balance their compressing profit margins with efficient and productive labor processes. By making communication, training, and scheduling highly productive – not only in-store, but also in the distribution and online pickup centers – grocery stores can effectively compete with e-commerce newcomers in the grocery market. Customers crave a pleasant shopping experience, and they will notice the difference when your staff is highly engaged and well trained.

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