How can Retailers drive revenue and increase customer loyalty?2021-03-05T11:58:33-05:00

Project Description

How can Retailers drive revenue and increase customer loyalty?

Adapt to the ever-changing retail landscape while improving the customer experience. 

The retail landscape is changing. Turnover levels have hit nearly 60%. Frontline employees are struggling to turn their jobs into careers due to low levels of engagement. Managers are getting stuck in a cycle of recruiting, hiring, and training. 

What was once a world of last-minute schedules, communication, and tasks is shifting into a world where consistency and work-life balance matter. 

WorkJam helps create new workplace efficiency and keeps employees engaged. We provide a single solution that unleashes the potential of frontline workersWorkJam makes it easier for organizations to: 

  • Retain employees through predictable scheduling and self-service career development 
  • Communicate clearly via chat, channels, and direct messages 
  • Manage tasks through to completion 
  • Free-up managers from monotonous tasks to focus on sales goals and other KPIs 

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