How to Develop and Achieve a Resilient Workforce


White Paper Keeping employees productive is a challenge that just about every enterprise faces. Managing teams across multiple locations is a demanding task. The challenges of disseminating information and motivating your workforce reaches a whole new level when operations change quickly, e.g. pandemic. Our white paper covers a range of topics Read more

The Learning Experience at Tomorrow’s Workplace


White Paper How we learn at work is similar to how we learned at school: We sit in a classroom setting while a teacher tells us what we need to know. Unlike in school, however, information isn’t being doled out gradually. Instead, employees are expected to understand and process a massive amount of training in one Read more

Shift Bidding


Data Sheet | Shift Bidding Union and employee contracts are complex, with unique contract rules that can vary by region, state, or location. When it comes to scheduling in a union environment, it’s often required for employees to be able to choose their shifts, while seniority, tenure, and other factors play Read more

How a Digital Workplace Can Relieve Labor Challenges in Warehousing & Distribution


White Paper Warehousing and distribution operations currently face no shortage of challenges. It’s critical that managers and executives in the warehousing and fulfillment space take measures to address these issues and retain employees. Digitizing administrative labor functions offers significant improvements that span productivity, efficiency, and employee engagement. These solutions give workers Read more

On-demand webinar – Pandemic rebound for franchise: restart with realtime communications & training in 5 days


On-demand webinar On-boarding... Re-boarding… New health and safety procedures… Keeping staff safe at all times… Training and upskilling crews to the “new normal”… Franchise management teams are grappling with major challenges on how to restart or ramp up their operations as states and counties roll out plans to reopen in the wake of the COVID pandemic. WorkJam has Read more

Distribution Centers: Increasing retention and improving the employee experience


Data Sheet The logistics sectors struggles with labor shortage–a turnover rate above 30% is common among distribution centers. WorkJam’s Digital Workplace for frontline employees solves the labor challenge while increasing the productivity of your workforce with: Enhanced shift management and coverage with easier labor law compliance Better communication with the workforce Read more

Training: How to Achieve Deeper Engagement with Intuitive Training?


Data sheet | Module overview: Training & Assessment Getting your frontline the training they need to deliver on your brand promise can be a challenge. Companies create thoughtful training programs to encourage engagement, but there’s often no way to know if the training was effective. Or, if it’s even been delivered. Managers Read more