Module overview: Messages


Data sheet | Module overview: Messages Can you reach all your frontline employees in an instant? The reality is that your employees are already messaging with each other, just not on an approved compliant and auditable app. Without a company-sanctioned solution in place, employees turn to insecure freeware options to have conversations Read more

What is a Digital Workplace… And Why Do You Need One?


White Paper | What is a Digital Workplace... And Why Do You Need One? Digital workplace platforms are creating a lot of chatter in executive circles. The companies who swear by them say they can improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, and even boost the bottom line. What are digital workplaces, though? And Read more

Module overview: Document Sharing & Creation


Data sheet | Module overview: Document Sharing & Creation WorkJam brings all departments into one digital workspace and makes it easy for them to distribute important documents to frontline employees. This eliminates the need for using the personal email addresses of frontline employees. It also saves both time and money (ink, paper, Read more