Fortune 500 Retailer: The Beauty of Frontline Orchestration

Case Study | Fortune 500 Beauty Retailer

The visionary retailer prides itself on anticipating trends and staying ahead of new challenges, that’s probably why they are well within the Fortune 500.

One of their main goals was to develop the perfect processes to meet the needs of the 21st-century marketplace and customer.

To improve its operational efficiency, this visionary retailer partnered with WorkJam for its modern employee digital workplace platform. As its first phase in their journey, they launched WorkJam for schedules, shift swaps, and an open shift marketplace. Their overwhelming success – and massive adoption possibilities. They forged forward, targeting employee engagement by way of WorkJam’s communications and training modules.

Next on the list? Pure organizational excellence, with WorkJam’s task management helping them ensure industry-leading customer satisfaction and impeccable compliance.

Today, this visionary retailer is not only reaping the rewards of better engagement, stronger compliance, and more open communication; it’s uniquely poised to meet – and master – the challenges ahead.

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