How to Embrace the Digital Workplace and Transform your Operations

Case Study | Big Box Home Retailer

Blinded for anonymity, this home retailer’s story showcases how embracing a digital workplace transformed operations.

A big-box home decor retailer wanted to communicate better to their frontline workers and become more efficient operationally. With the arrival of COVID, their demand skyrocketed, and both goals turned into urgent initiatives. The organization needed to get their house in order and up to par quickly if they wanted to scale their click-and-collect service and take full advantage of this heightened demand.

Implementing WorkJam allowed the big box store to open communication channels, creating a vibrant ecosystem of information sharing and engagement. It also allowed them to systematize task management, to the point where their curbside click-and-collect process, which had been in preparation for two years, was finally able to launch and process orders, thanks to the well-oiled machine the locations became.

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