How WorkJam Helps Fuel a Great Customer (and Frontline Worker) Experience

Case Study | Petro Franchisor

The challenge: Because of their franchise model, the workers representing the brand are not direct employees; thus, they are precluded from accessing the contact information of all their frontline workers. It was impossible to make sure all of their associates had the tools and training they needed to meet the customer’s standards. But they did know turnover was very high.

They turned to WorkJam, trusting their experience in the complexities of the franchise environment. With WorkJam, the organization could open a direct line of communication with associates while remaining in full compliance and helping staff become more informed and more engaged as part of the corporate family.

After the excellent results of the initial rollout, this convenience store operator expanded WorkJam into other countries, navigating 25 different languages, different legal requirements, and additional branding capabilities. Communications were clear, open, informative, and engaging, bringing staff together around a familiar brand and purpose. Training delivered LMS based SCORM courses and provided a clear understanding of what their associates needed to know.

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