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Introducing Next Generation Task Management

Task Management

Task Management.

Get task management out of the back-office & onto the frontline with operational efficiency at all levels of the organization, supported by real-time analytics by delivering the most complete frontline solution: a unified platform enabling employers to operationally execute flawlessly yet empower & engage their frontline teams with measurable results. Task management works better when done within a single, contemporary frontline solution and maximizes efficiency from an operational as well as IT perspective.

WorkJam Task management reduces the manual workload traditionally placed on managers, like assigning and verifying tasks, as well as submitting reports while optimizing the frontline at the same time. Embedding task management into the operational framework also creates opportunities for automation, like triggering corrective tasks for violations or assigning training to staff that consistently underperforms. Once tasks are brought out of the back-office and put into the hands of the employees executing them, not only customer floor time increases but also CSAT.

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Task Management
Task Management

Frontline Efficiency

Enable process improvements with one mobile system to provide all the relevant information around their work, including tasks, communication, training, documentation, scheduling, and self-service.

Drive Dynamic Improvement

By integrating tasks into other workflows, organizations can give frontline employees whatever they need to do their jobs. Using the same system that delivered the task, employees can open a channel to ask their manager a question about a specific task, or access a training module to fill their skills gap before working on their to-do list.

Improves Compliance

Easy, real-time reporting enables an accurate view into task compliance. Trigger corrective actions, like additional tasks or training, when tasks are not completed or completed at a quality that is unsatisfactory.

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