Aug 09, 2019

A Digital Workplace Serves Restaurant Managers Exactly What They’ve Dreamed Of

Food service managers often find themselves doing things the old-fashioned way. They’re stuck in dusty old back rooms that double as an office, using the only computer in the building. Scheduling is an endless game of phone tag. Communications are handled with a corkboard.

The result is that frontline employees, including frontline managers, are left feeling disengaged with their jobs. They’re forced to do things in a way that doesn’t line up with the modern world, like watching old training videos in the back room. Plus, since there may not be enough available shifts at the restaurant, it’s not unusual for employees to be underemployed and to look for opportunities elsewhere.

This locks managers into a cycle where they’re spending an inordinate amount of time hiring and training new employees, only to have those employees find other jobs.

Restaurant managers end up spending too much time on the administrative tasks that make up their job that they don’t get to spend enough time actually managing.

If all of that sounds familiar to you, we have an answer.

Modernizing management with a digital workplace experience

Luckily, there is a way to create operational efficiencies for you and your restaurant managers: a digital workplace.

A digital workplace revolutionizes the world of frontline restaurant employees. The platform gives you a way to create a culture of excellence that drives service to exciting new levels. And, a digital workplace helps managers find operational efficiencies that let you spend less time doing administrative tasks and more time managing your team.

Convenience in the palm of your hand

What makes the digital workplace such an exciting tool for restaurant managers is that you no longer have to rely on the old way of doing things. It creates a world where everything happens inside the smart phone of your frontline employees.

You can break free of the dusty back office. With a digital workplace, spending hours on the phone trying to track down someone to cover a shift becomes a thing of the past. An Open Shift Marketplace allows frontline employees to trade shifts in real-time with not only employees at their location, but with employees at other locations in your region, as well. Your managers gain access to a regional talent pool of exceptional employees. Your frontline staff can take on as many, or as few, shifts as they like, allowing them to live the life they want.

Not only that, but with training modules, you can help ensure that all your staff, new and old, have received the same level of training. This helps ensure the same levels of service across locations, providing a consistent experience for patrons. Plus, since trainings are available on the phones of your frontline employees, in easy to digest pieces, they can easily be done from anywhere—not just the back room.

Best of all, communication becomes simple. Messages are sent out directly through the digital workplace straight to your frontline employees. No more posting something up in that back room and hoping your staff sees it. No more playing the telephone game with updates from head office.

Take a look at your new life

WorkJam is a digital workplace platform that helps you manage your team, without being bogged down by administrative tasks. It helps you create a workforce that is filled with engaged brand ambassadors who provide restaurant patrons with unparalleled levels of service.

To help you gain a better understanding of how a digital workplace can help drive operational efficiencies and fully engage your workforce, WorkJam has put together a white paper that provides a deeper look at the “Day in the Life of a Food Services Manager Using a Digital Workplace.” To learn how a digital workplace can transform your business, download the white paper.

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