Data Studio


Data Sheet WorkJam Data Studio enables organizations to mine and display data about their frontline workforce. Our comprehensive data set includes virtually any action an employee takes within WorkJam, from reading messages to taking trainings, executing tasks all the way to swapping shifts, and more. In addition, we bring in other Read more

IO Composer


Data Sheet WorkJam IO Composer is a seamless orchestration tool that connects, transforms, and posts data to and from WorkJam APIs. IO Composer’s pre-built connector library allows for lightning-fast, visual integration with any system or technology. This allows for accelerated real-time integration of data between WorkJam and countless other systems, platforms, Read more

Operations Planner


Data Sheet WorkJam Operations Planner is a new project management module that works in tandem with WorkJam Task Management to enable the planning and execution of complex, enterprise-wide projects that start at the corporate office and flow down to multiple locations. By connecting corporate to the frontline, organizations can effectively roll Read more

WorkJam for Senior Living and Post-Acute Care Providers


Data Sheet: WorkJam for Senior Living and Post-Acute Care Providers More than ever, senior living providers are simultaneously scrutinized by their quality of care, resident satisfaction, and their associated costs. Add to that pandemic-related burnout as well as attrition rates of 40% during the first month, and 2021’s main operational challenge for Read more

WorkJam Digital Loss Prevention


Data Sheet Data breaches are something you want to prevent at all costs, and your organization has probably already deployed firewalls and multilayered authentication to its internal systems so that no one can get in and breach data, but what about your digital workplace or communications platforms? WorkJam’s DLP functionality helps Read more

Shift Bidding


Data Sheet | Shift Bidding Union and employee contracts are complex, with unique contract rules that can vary by region, state, or location. When it comes to scheduling in a union environment, it’s often required for employees to be able to choose their shifts, while seniority, tenure, and other factors play Read more

Checklist – Best Practices for a Resilient Organization


Checklist Best Practices for a Resilient Organization Local, national and global companies like Village Cinemas, Shell, Avis or Ulta have each developed their own set of best practices in dealing with the current, volatile, back-and-forth situation. We've collected and compiled all ideas in our guide: Riding the COVID Rollercoaster. Read more

Grocery eCommerce has arrived: How to make it profitable and scalable within 30 days


Data Sheet | WorkJam & Digital Goodie WorkJam enables grocers to bridge the communication gap between corporate, management, and frontline employees, with real-time messaging, micro-training, ExpressPay, schedule, and task management. Digital Goodie delivers a fully customizable eCommerce and fulfillment platform that connects online and brick and mortar into a seamless experience Read more

WorkJam for Human Resources


Data Sheet | WorkJam for Human Resources A digital workplace has the potential to transform how Human Resources teams operate, making them more efficient and more impactful across the entire organization. WorkJam provides a complete solution to deliver on your brand’s promise, driving and supporting your HR, WFM, LMS & OPS Read more

WorkJam for Training Departments


Data Sheet | WorkJam for Training Departments Workplace training has historically been a backoffice system. Learning management systems (LMS) are a necessity, but so are the completion rates you work so hard to achieve. The challenge has always been that you need your associates to learn new skills as much as Read more

ExpressPay for Healthcare


Data sheet | WorkJam Express Pay for Healthcare WorkJam helps employers pay-it-forward, driving employee retention and patient satisfaction simultaneously by enabling same day pay. By fostering employee wellbeing, you help reduce financial stress, the most significant stressor of the hourly workforce. WorkJam ExpressPay solves all this by allowing employees to obtain a Read more

Module overview: ExpressPay


Data sheet | Module overview: ExpressPay Directly improve the customer experience (CX) by enhancing the employee experience (EX). By fostering employee wellbeing, you help reduce financial stress, the most significant stressor of the hourly workforce. Employees often try to solve their financial problems via usurious solutions from payday loans to 3rd party Read more

Next-Generation Health Check


Data sheet As businesses around the world work to stay open, or reopen, the onus is on employers to ensure staff is safe. To create this safe work environment, employers must have the right technology and strategy in place to minimize the risk of exposure to employees and customers. Comprehensive testing is Read more

WorkJam Essentials Package


Data sheet | Start communicating with all of your frontline employees by next week Companies from Forward Corporation to Shell, from Village Cinemas and Sticky Fingers to Ulta, are using use WorkJam’s Digital Workplace Platform to navigate the business challenges & opportunities and align over 2 million frontline associates towards the same Read more

WorkJam for Merchandising


WorkJam for Merchandising Merchandisers and Vendors are essential to the retailer landscape, but they are siloed with few processes and tools that enable them to collaborate and work with the stores together effectively. Merchandisers often have little contact with frontline employees, while associates have no way to ask questions or get product knowledge. Read more

WorkJam for Operations


WorkJam for Operations Whether it’s healthcare or retail, distribution centers, or manufacturing, there is an overreliance on manual processes. To communicate with frontline workers, leadership depends on location managers to physically distribute information printed out in black and white or face-to-face conversation. There is no easy way to ensure frontline staff is aware Read more

WorkJam for Internal Communications


WorkJam for Internal Communications When an organization lacks modernized communication channels, customers deal with a poor experience as a result of frontline employees who lack up-to-date information about products and services. WorkJam offers four communication solutions that can fit a wide array of use cases. And, all WorkJam solutions apply the principle Read more

Module overview: Analytics


Data Sheet | Module overview: Analytics Improve your frontline operations with actionable insights. WorkJam Analytics enables data-backed decisions with reports on Communication success App usage Training completion Shift coverage Interactive reporting allows you to drill down into details or zoom out for a strategic overview. Schedule regular delivery directly into your inbox. Read more

WorkJam for Distribution Centers


Data Sheet The logistics sectors struggles with labor shortage–a turnover rate above 30% is common among distribution centers. WorkJam’s Digital Workplace for frontline employees solves the labor challenge while increasing the productivity of your workforce with: Enhanced shift management and coverage with easier labor law compliance Better communication with the workforce Read more

Crisis Management


Data sheet | Start communicating with your entire frontline by next week Now more than ever, your frontline employees are looking to you for direction. WorkJam enables you to communicate company-wide and in real-time with your entire workforce, quickly train your teams at scale and receive instant feedback from your frontline. Get Read more

Module overview: Messages


Data sheet | Module overview: Messages Can you reach all your frontline employees in an instant? The reality is that your employees are already messaging with each other, just not on an approved compliant and auditable app. Without a company-sanctioned solution in place, employees turn to insecure freeware options to have conversations Read more

WorkJam and Kronos: Total frontline workforce engagement for healthcare


Data sheet WorkJam, the leading global Digital Workplace Platform for frontline employees, and Kronos, the market leader in workforce management solutions, have partnered to create the ultimate employee experience. Together, WorkJam and Kronos enable customers to provide their frontlines with a solution to train, develop, motivate, engage, and retain employees. WorkJam adds Read more

Module overview: Task Management


Data sheet | Module overview: Task Management Get task management out of the back-office & onto the frontline with operational efficiency at all levels of the organization, supported by real-time analytics by delivering the most complete frontline solution: a unified platform enabling employers to operationally execute flawlessly yet empower & engage their Read more

WorkJam and the Stores Consulting Group


The WorkJam Digital Workplace and the Stores Consulting Group Processes That Work for Profitability at Work  Turbulent markets. Increased competition. Rising wages. Unmanageable shrink.   Retail is a tough business, and to keep your business growing and profitable, you need to be as efficient as possible. If you’ve been doing things a certain Read more

WorkJam and Blue Yonder


Data sheet | The WorkJam Digital Workplace and Blue Yonder Managing and engaging a non-desk workforce across multiple locations comes with challenges. Employees want control over their schedules while managers need to focus on meeting KPIs without worrying about shift changes. Corporate requires a way to disseminate training and communication to all levels of the organization Read more

WorkJam and Kronos


The WorkJam Digital Workplace and Kronos Workforce Dimensions  Optimizing the customer experience is every organization’s goal – but unique challenges make this difficult to achieve:  • Corporate needs a way to communicate directly with the non-desk workforce in order to offer training, rewards, and incentives. • Managers need more time to focus on Read more

WorkJam for C-Store


WorkJam for C-Store C-stores face unique challenges that are getting in the way of building customer loyalty and increasing revenue. Corporate has very limited lines of communication with frontline workers to share product promotions, brand guidelines, and standardized training.  Store and regional managers need to ensure tasks are completed and corporate regulations are Read more

WorkJam for Food Service


WorkJam for Food Service Unleash the potential of your frontline workforce with WorkJam.  Attrition levels in the food services industry hit a whopping 74.9% in 2018. Frontline employees struggle with careers where they feel a lack of engagement and, as such, leave after only a few months.  Managers find themselves stuck in a cycle of hiring and Read more

WorkJam for Grocery


WorkJam for Grocery The grocery landscape is quickly shifting, along with customer and employee expectations. With external factors rapidly changing, grocery stores need to alter their labor processes — everything from communication to training to customer service. Corporate requires efficient ways of communicating with all levels of staff and disseminating targeted Read more

WorkJam for Healthcare


WorkJam for Healthcare Keep frontline employees engaged and improve the patient experience with WorkJam. After years of nurses' hectic schedules, long shifts, and feelings that no one was listening, the healthcare industry is experiencing an attrition crisis. Turnover levels have reached nearly 30% as employees search for employers who value their Read more

WorkJam for Retail


WorkJam for Retail Adapt to the ever-changing retail landscape while improving the customer experience.  The retail landscape is changing. Turnover levels have hit nearly 60%. Frontline employees are struggling to turn their jobs into careers due to low levels of engagement. Managers are getting stuck in a cycle of recruiting, hiring, and training.  What was once a world of last-minute Read more

The ROI of a Digital Workplace


The ROI of a Digital Workplace Calculate the ROI of your Digital Workplace Initiative Building a business case for a Digital Workplace initiative is an essential step in obtaining approval and funding.  There’s a methodical, data-driven approach that anybody can use to tell a powerful story about the transformative effect of Read more

The WorkJam Difference


The WorkJam Difference WorkJam has set a new standard for digital workplace platforms, transforming how our customers manage their workforce and day-to-day operations. From our platform design to our team's industry experience to our security, WorkJam sets itself apart from other technologies, point solutions, and consultants in the market. Download The WorkJam Difference Read more

Security Overview


Security Overview Implementing a digital workplace platform can completely transform employee engagement and productivity. Instead of relying on outdated, inefficient paperwork and procedures, employees can stay up-to-date, manage their shifts, participate in training and so much more, all from their digital device. However, with high-profile data breaches in the news, you Read more

Module overview: Surveys & Polls


Data sheet | Module overview: Surveys & Polls Getting surveys down to your frontlines can be an expensive logistical challenge. How will they access the survey? Are you using paper? Do you send it to their personal email? Or will you provide them with a new email address? WorkJam's Surveys & Polls Read more

Module overview: Shift Management


Data sheet | Module overview: Shift Management Common scheduling issues lead to many frontline employees feeling unsatisfied. And managers find themselves doing a lot of extra work checking and double-checking people’s availability. Only to find they didn’t get it right. Even worse, they schedule someone for a shift, only to discover they Read more

Module overview: Rewards & Recognition


Data sheet | Module overview: Rewards & Recognition WorkJam’s customizable badge system gives you the power to cultivate a legendary frontline culture that acknowledges a variety of achievements, from how long an employee has been with the company, to most sales of a certain product. Badges are reported back to managers and head office, Read more

Module overview: Open Shift Marketplace


Data sheet | Module overview: Open Shift Marketplace Filling open shifts can be a challenge for managers. Even when there are enough employees to satisfy the needs of the schedule, those employees aren’t always available to work. This leads to managers making a lot of outbound calls while racing to fully staff Read more

Module overview: Training & Assessments


Data sheet | Module overview: Training & Assessment Getting your frontline the training they need to deliver on your brand promise can be a challenge. Companies create thoughtful training programs to encourage engagement, but there’s often no way to know if the training was effective. Or, if it’s even been delivered. Managers Read more

Module overview: Document Sharing & Creation


Data sheet | Module overview: Document Sharing & Creation WorkJam brings all departments into one digital workspace and makes it easy for them to distribute important documents to frontline employees. This eliminates the need for using the personal email addresses of frontline employees. It also saves both time and money (ink, paper, Read more

WorkJam for Healthcare Brochure


Download: WorkJam for Healthcare Brochure In this brochure, get a comprehensive look at the WorkJam platform, broken down into modules, to understand how the WorkJam Digital Workplace engages healthcare employees like never before by integrating previously fragmented HR functions into one end-to-end solution. Complete the form to download a copy Read more

WorkJam Solution Overview


Download: WorkJam Solution Overview WorkJam is the only complete, modular, and mobile-first digital workplace platform built to maximize the productivity of your frontline workforce and make your organization the employer of choice. Our enterprise-class solution helps some of the most recognizable Fortune 500 companies power their employee engagement strategies while reducing Read more