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Elevate your frontline employee experience (EX) and you will elevate your business

Employee Experience is directly related to increased revenue, competitive differentiation in market, and improved Net Promoter Score (NPS). Learn if you've left money on the table.

Shift Management: Flexibility for your Frontline

Absenteeism costs enterprises millions of dollars every year. Loss of sales and productivity are minimized when locations are fully staffed. If you are not using WorkJam, your employees have limited options. Even if they have a mobile shift management tool, they can likely only swap shifts directly with another employee, a 1-to-1 trade.

Happy Earth Day from WorkJam

Since all actions count, we wanted to share some ideas (big and small) that have an impact. To put our money where our mouth is, WorkJam has planted 106 trees planted on behalf of the 106 WorkJammers that joined us in 2022!

Delivering the Last Mile of Workforce Management (WFM)

WorkJam helps employers manage their frontlines in ways that Microsoft Teams cannot. Tailored to the needs of frontline workers, WorkJam is purpose-built for the frontline workforce.

WorkJam vs. Microsoft Teams: Why WorkJam is the Better Solution for Managing Frontline Workers

WorkJam helps employers manage their frontlines in ways that Microsoft Teams cannot. Tailored to the needs of frontline workers, WorkJam is purpose-built for the frontline workforce.

Podcast: Scaling Customer Satisfaction Through Employee Engagement

WorkJam's Andy Nicholas joined Melissa Gonzales on her Market Scale podcast to discuss employee experience and its direct tie to customer satisfaction.

Connecting the Frontline

Why is ‘connecting the frontline’ a universal initiative in boardrooms around the world? Complexity and the bias to fix our own problems (desk-workers solving desk-worker problems) has left frontline workers behind. But, 52% of enterprises who invest heavily in their frontline experience double-digit revenue growth.

10 Ways WorkJam’s Super App Helps Unlock Productivity Better Than Beekeeper

WorkJam and Beekeeper are two popular digital frontline tools that offer businesses improved employee engagement and boosted employee retention. WorkJam is taking a deeper dive into the digital frontline workplace landscape to help decision makers understand the key differentiators between WorkJam and Beekeeper.

What is a ‘frontline employee’?

Frontline employees have many names: hourly workers, associates, casual workers, etc. Frontline workers are essential to delivering brand promises, from selling food and goods to producing and shipping widgets to proving patient care and everything in between.

Future of Frontline Work

Many non-desk workers have been left out of the digital revolution that has brought benefits to desk workers. Many were furloughed or lost their employment during Covid lock downs.  As a result, many are rejecting frontline jobs, and employers are struggling. 

How to Build an Effective Employee Wellness Program for the Frontline that Impacts for Your Business

Employee wellness encompasses the mental, physical, financial, and emotional health of employees. A successful employee wellness program not only increases employee satisfaction, it leads to increased productivity and happiness. The wellbeing of employees is a part of the employee experience (EX) — and a good employee experience improves business outcomes.

Flexibility is No Longer a Dream

Frontline work needs to be both physically present and work when the rest of the world is relaxing and having fun. But what if we redefined the fantasy world of flexible work? Our frontline teams are not expecting this fantasy world where they can work whenever and wherever, but they do live in a world where life happens, things come up, and events are planned. What they want is the flexibility to easily swap, drop, and pick up shifts.