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3 Simple Strategies for Frontline Employers to Do More with Less This Holiday Season

Learn strategies to train seasonal frontline employees, get feedback, and provide schedule flexibility to boost productivity this holiday season.

JCPenney Focuses on Flexibility, Engagement, and Retention

JCPenney Human Resource Executive, Andre Joyner, and HRExecutive discuss flexibility, engagement, and retention.

Unlocking Secrets to Optimised Business Operations

David Rogers joined Rethink for a podcast to discuss how organisations can optimise business operations by streamlining communication, empowering employees, and simplifying task management.

ReThink Productivity Podcast – Driving Digital Transformation

Part 1 of 3: WorkJam recently joined ReThink Co-Founder, Simon Hedaux, to discuss productivity and efficiency. The three-part podcast series showcases how frontline operators are connecting their frontline in the face of global challenges.

4 Strategies to Increase Frontline Productivity this Holiday Season

High productivity is the primary goal of the holiday season, regardless of your hiring strategy. So let's talk about boosting productivity.

Become an Employer of Choice: Flexible Schedules & Pay

Flexible schedules and flexible pay drive employee loyalty. More than benefits, self-service scheduling and early access to earned wages make you an employer of choice.

Save Your Managers 2 Hours Every Week With More Efficient Scheduling

Scheduling woes can leave frontline or field managers longing for their own vacations. Blog 1 in a 3 part series about summer scheduling.

The Secret to Engaging Your Frontline and Boosting Profitability: Lessons from Good Jobs Institute and WorkJam​

“This is a paradigm shift… and it really puts your customer at the center of how you win and how your frontline teams help you do it”, Sarah Kalloch, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Good Jobs Institute.

Future Stores West – Associate Experience

Margins are shrinking. Labor costs are increasing. How do you sell more with less? Join WorkJam at Future Stores to talk about boosting business outcomes by leveraging your frontline associates.

Tools to Build a Good Jobs Strategy

June 26: Good Jobs Institute, and WorkJam will discuss how organizations can take steps to create “good jobs”, what role tech plays in the future of frontline work, and what the future holds for companies that invest in their frontlines.

Loss Prevention and Beyond: How WorkJam Enhances Retail Operations

Effective loss prevention measures are crucial for protecting retail profits and maintaining operational integrity. WorkJam mitigates loss prevention risks in addition to optimizing other aspects of retail operations.

Food for Thought: How Frontline Digital Transformation Improves Food Processing

Simple workflow improvements give the ability to identify and avoid bottlenecks that impact quality, yield, and throughput.