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Case Studies

Our customers are using the WorkJam Digital Workplace to create a more knowledgeable, engaged and productive workforce and enabling the workforce of the future. Here are some of their stories.

Continuity and Communications: a Global Mobility Case Study
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Essential tools for essential operations: Shell on-demand webinar
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Engaging and communicating with a growing workforce:
Chatime case study

Chatime is a global teahouse franchise with 1,000 plus corporate and franchise stores in 38 countries including Australia, the United States, and Canada. It is the fastest growing tea franchise in Australia, having opened over 125 “T-Breweries” in the past ten years.

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Building a beautiful employee experience with task management and more:
Ulta Beauty video

Ulta Beauty is lauded for its top performance in the retail industry—leading the way with highly engaged and productive frontline associates.

Watch Diane Randolph, Ulta Beauty CIO, discuss how Ulta Beauty brings together WorkJam’s Task Management and Digital Workplace to empower frontline associates, store managers, and headquarters employees.

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Mobile Punch + Health Check: Zagame Corporation Video

Zagame Corporation is one of the Australian hotel and service industry’s most respected and well-known businesses.

To keep employees and customers safe during the pandemic, Zagames rolled-out automated health checks within WorkJam. The health checks tied into WorkJam’s mobile punching functionality to ensure all on-shift team members are ready to serve patrons.

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Build v. Buy: Why did this Iconic Tech Giant Switch from Building to Buying Their Frontline Digital Workplace and Why WorkJam?

Why did the multinational operator make the decision to buy WorkJam’s Frontline Digital Workplace for one of their most critical business units when they had a track record for building everything in-house?

Discover how WorkJam elevated the management of their frontline operations.

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Bringing the village together: Village Entertainment

Highly dependent upon the presence of large crowds, the entertainment industry has faced unique challenges during the coronavirus pandemic. As such, industry leaders have been tasked with managing an unprecedented challenge: keeping employees—and by extension, the public—informed, engaged, and safe amidst a maelstrom of regulatory changes and shutdowns.

Learn how Village Entertainment uses WorkJam to rise to the COVID-19 challenge.

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Optimized Onboarding, Communications, and Learning – Live in 30 Days

Before WorkJam, this global coffee brand relied on manual communication methods for relaying information between the head office and store managers. In turn, managers used a mix of in-person meetings, SMS, and non-compliant tools.

The grande idea? Frontline Communication, Training, Staffing, Onboarding, and Compliance through One App.

Learn how this customer upgraded their operations with WorkJam.

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Fortune 500 Retailer: The Beauty of Frontline Orchestration

This visionary beauty retailer prides itself on anticipating trends and staying ahead of new challenges, that’s probably why they are well within the Fortune 500.

One of their main goals was to develop the perfect processes to meet the needs of the 21st-century marketplace and customer. They achieved pure organizational excellence with WorkJam’s task management, helping them ensure industry-leading customer satisfaction and impeccable compliance.

Learn how the beauty retailer is reaping the rewards of better engagement, stronger compliance, and more open communication.

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Retail: An Orchestrated Culture Shift

Along their journey to reorganize and reenergize their business, they searched for disparate technology solutions to aid with communication, training, and workforce management. While exploring mobile learning management and training platforms, they chose the WorkJam Digital Workplace platform.

WorkJam not only fulfilled their need to increase employee knowledge via training, WorkJam could also bridge other organizational gaps related to communication, task management, and rostering.

Learn how WorkJam has brought a new level of collaboration, efficiency, and cost savings to the retailer.

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Improving the Customer Experience by Improving the Employee Experience:Total Workforce Orchestration

Through a unique three-phased approach, WorkJam enabled them to reach their goals and overcome organizational challenges. The approach drove a 90%+ adoption rate and new ways of working:

1. Employee Self Service

2. Operational Engagement

3. Frontline Workplace Orchestration

Learn more about the customer’s story and the three-phase approach.

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Staying ahead of COVID-19:
Tales from a leading retailer

Like many other companies working through COVID-19 challenges, this leading retailer knew that clear and consistent communication with employees would be key to keeping their business running as smoothly as possible. Fortunately, they already had that level of communication, thanks to their digital workplace, WorkJam.

Learn how the retailer handled the massively unpredictable—and unpredictably massive—demands involved with navigating the global pandemic.

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How WorkJam Helps Fuel a Great Customer (and Frontline Worker) Experience

The challenge: Because of their franchise model, it was impossible to make sure all of their associates had the tools and training they needed to meet the customer’s standards.

They turned to WorkJam, trusting their experience in the complexities of the franchise environment. With WorkJam, the organization could open a direct line of communication with associates while remaining in full compliance and helping staff become more informed and more engaged as part of the corporate family.

Learn how this global petro franchisor manages their global franchise employees.

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Next-level hospitality management with digital training and communication: Zagame Corporation

Zagame’s believes that when their employees are happy, their customers are happy. As a result, their business goals involve setting up systems, processes, and tools that make life easier for their employees.

Learn how WorkJam has enabled Zagame’s to help their employees increase camaraderie during a stressful time, learn new skills and procedures, and meet unpredictable compliance requirements.

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How to Embrace the Digital Workplace and Transform your Operations

This big-box home decor retailer wanted to communicate better to their frontline workers and become more efficient operationally. With the arrival of COVID, their demand skyrocketed, and both goals turned into urgent initiatives. The organization needed to get their house in order and up to par quickly if they wanted to scale their click-and-collect service and take full advantage of this heightened demand.

Complete the short form to learn how this big box home retailer established efficient and clear communication — including training and task management — and improved the efficiency and processes of their BOPIS initiative.

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Optimize Scheduling: WorkJam’s Shift Offering Experience

Initially utilizing WorkJam Shift Management and the Open Shift module, the grocer vastly improved the daily scheduling effort with significant productivity gains for their store management team and enabling their workforce to be able to access available shifts.

This was a huge step up from the chosen WFM vendor option due to its much easier-to-use and intuitive interface.

Learn how WorkJam improved Scheduling and Shift Management for the organization.

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A recipe for success:
Sticky Fingers case study

From the moment a customer walks into Sticky Fingers to the moment they leave, the staff is trained to deliver “legendary service.” It all starts with an employee holding the door open to greet you as you enter the restaurant. The Memphis-style barbecue restaurant is best-known for their hickory smoked meats served with a side of southern hospitality.

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